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Eating Salad Bowl at Ebisu, Green Brothers

About Green Brothers

You can eat fresh salad near Ebisu Station.


Green Brothers offer varaety of fresh salad and you can choose vegetables and dressing.


This means that you can enjoy creating your original recipe which suites your taste.




The store is fashonable and clean.


You can eat in the store or also take out the salad.


How to go to the Green Brothers

It locates 5 minuts walking form Ebisu Station.


Green Brothers HP

You can check the menu of Green Brothers



Ikinari Steak - Steak House Restaurant in Tokyo -

About "Ikinari Steak"

"Ikinari Steak" is steak restaurant in Tokyo.

They are now popular in Tokyo and increasing the number of resaurants.

They opened their restaurant at Ebisu, Shinagawa, Tokyo Station, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro so on.

And they also run their business widely almost all regions of Japan.


You can see the shop date at below web site. (Japanese Only)

店舗情報 | いきなり!ステーキ



Japanese "Ikinari" means "without appetizer."

When you eat at the restaurant, you will eat steak without appetizer.

They believe this style leads testiness of steak.


You can chosse how much gram of meat do you want to eat.

And a cock cuts a piece of meat which weight almost your order.


The rstraurant has two style of eating, "standing" or "sitting".

I recomend you to choise "sitting" because to eat steak with standing is too dificult and flavorless. 

If you chose "sitting", you may have to waint some minuts because the seat is limited.

But it's worth to wait.


As "Ikinari Steak" is not so delicious, I think you can find other restraurants you like in same price. 

But if you want to eat something in fashion in Japan, it is good for eating at "Ikinari Steak."


I went to Ikinari Steak at Ebisu.


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Tokyo Street Mode is now open !

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